Saying goodbye.

Unfortunately, this will be my last post on this blog, and keeping it up until about mid day tomorrow when I’m taking the whole thing down. After finally watching the finale a while ago and it making me mad, I think it’s time to put this blog to rest.

Again, you can always follow me on my personal (emmau5) to stay connected with me.

Thanks to everyone who submitted parts they wanted to be capped, who liked and reblogged a set, and who helped make this blog what it was.

So sorry guys.

I know I stopped posting in the past couple months, but I really neglected this blog and I am sorry for that.

I haven’t seen the finale yet due to being at work and it’s not online yet, so this is going to be spoiler free. (Although I’m sure most of you have spoiler blacklisted).

Anyway, that concludes this blog even though it was roughly short lived.

I encourage all of my followers to follow my personal blog so you can keep up with me and my antics.

Stay legendary guys. I’ll miss you all.

Hey all.

Just so you know, I’m much more active on my personal blog.

Sorry about the hiatus again, but moving has been a big challenge for me and I don’t have time to be on my computer anymore.

This blog isn’t going away, just being put on the backburner.

So I’m all moved into my new apartment to find out that I don’t have access to internet yet!

But my work has free Wifi, so whenever I get a chance I’ll cap things at my apt and then upload here at work.

Sorry about the delays everyone, thanks for being so patient!

Happy Slapsgiving everyone!

How will you be spending it today?
Remember to give slaps!

Thank you all.

I want to thank all my followers for sticking through with the hiatus.
Just a little update, I’ve been gone because I had to focus on moving and finding a place to live/work.

As of Sunday, I will now be living by myself (I currently live with my parents) and working full time. 
I will be able to focus more on this blog once I get settled in and comfy!

I appreciate everyone for their patience and it has not gone unnoticed!

Hey all.
This blog is going to be going on a bit of a hiatus.
Not sure how long this will be, but I will be back.

Thanks to all who understand.